A Superior Way To Sell in BULK fast, Get Paid Upfront & Deliver for FREE 

Or with your retail hand-to-mouth, can you sell 900pcs of a N7,800 product in 6/7 days?

Pay on Delivery, Expensive FB Ads,  Delivery Agents & suffer head retail selling will be GONE

1,713 Sellers Enrolled

Joel's strategy is mad genius. 

Cmon, there's nothing to compare to the ease, speed and Oh God the peace of mind that comes with selling out in bulk, getting paid upfront and the free & quick delivery is second to none. 

Christain U


This thing is like magic

Will you believe I now sell my herbal teas in so easily in Ogun, Lagos, and even Kogi without lifting a pin and zero delivery? Now I get about 2 to 3 persons buying at least 120PCS daily. God Bless you for me. 

Mrs. Miriam


I struck Gold when I met Joel's SWOF course

I will recommend you any day anytime. Despite the corruption label on Nigerians, I never doubt you and each time we hire new hands due to increased volume, I only Thank God I met you. 

Manaseh M.H


Dear Product Seller,

Why Can't You Sleep at Night?

I have products lying idle with no buyers & even Facebook Ads is not working

I am tired of bit by bit suffer head selling... I'm always broke before next order comes

I'll prefer to sell in BULK very fast & get profits at once even if I have to sell cheaper

Pay on Delivery is killing me -customers just cancel orders anyhow 

Drop shipping is very tiring because the stress to even sell one item is crazy.

I produce but the sell & remit model we operate with retail stores is not working - up front's better

Delivery Agents are a mess - delivery interstate is costly & slow - Ah! I'm loosing it

I need capital to import / produce - I can't get bank loans

I need a peaceful sales system that could generate at least N400K Weekly

Forget what your gurus taught you - if you sell in Africa,

There are 4 "MADE IN AFRICA"  Reasons You are not Selling FAST

You started this "Product Selling" business with a lot of Motivations and High Expectations.


You sometimes look at your products, smile and tell yourself, "If I sell only half sef, better money don come be that".  

Now, 1,2,3 weeks, 6 months later -  nothing is really happening....


  • Goods are gathering dusts in one corner
  • Very stupid and slow sales
  • Its only small small or one-by-one-hand-to-mouth sales such that before you even see another buyer, pocket don dry - to save money sef na war!
  • Facebook ads cost is rising - Mark Nzukerbread has opened CBN on your head
  • Pay on Delivery Customers everywhere - some don't even want to pay for delivery.
  • Only "My grandmother swallowed a cutlass and I've used the money" type of customers
  • Annoying & Expensive Delivery Agents everywhere


Retail Selling, Pay on Delivery, Horrible Delivery Options & Costly FB ADS 

are the monsters holding your product business

Early 2019, just before I had my second child, Maxwell, I decided I was going to start selling physical products online same thing you'll call E-commerce. 

As the “gurus” taught us, I did everything. 

I bought products from, setup funnels, ran Facebook ads and quickly updated my profile as an “Importer”.

Sometimes, I will manage to get orders other times I don’t. 

See ehn, it didn't take long for me to realize that I was in a huge mess because of two monsters - Pay on Delivery and Retail Selling

Everyday was like a nightmare. 

First, I have to deal with many customers who will only pay on delivery

For this, a lot of unfortunate people will take advantage and cancel orders even while the rider is enroute.   

Some even say they weren't expecting item that day or they thought it was bigger or smaller or just find some crazy excuse to not buy. 

Mind you, I already spent money on Facebook ads. 

Sometimes, I would use dispatch riders.

Other times, elf delivery Agents especially for inter state orders. But I get to deal with rude, slow and dishonest agents.

Now on to retailing, you’ll agree that all of the troubles with delivery will have been worth it if I was selling in bulk and not the hand to mouth that I was doing.

The type that before I get the next order, I have already spent my small profits on ads, loads of call credit to call divers and leads many of whom never buy. 

Some "gurus" suggest that you provide some discount to entice bulk purchase but that doesn't really work for the most time. Besides, with all the monies spent on ads and delivery, how much discount really can I still afford to give up?

Also, as I was selling retail, I couldn’t really raise enough money for marketing. Hence I was getting minimal results unlike one who’ll spend a bit more. 

This continued until I became very broke and couldn't even afford to import again.

As the guy who never gives up, I took a loan from my wife’s cooperative but I got into serious debts because the cycle of misery and hand to mouth selling just continued. 

Please don’t call me a dullard because I know I was good with Facebook ads, I am a website designer so I was good with funnels. I would even consider myself a good sales man too. 

So the problem wasn’t in all of that.

It was on using the regular systems that every guru teaches on how to do ecommerce in Nigeria.

These are real problems that no one is talking about and everyone is groaning and dying in silence.

I eventually saw that even the struggling Jumia that does retail could only have been able to stay alive because they had enough funds to run marketing and everything. 

I finally realized that small product sellers like you and I cannot survive the retail POD model. 

This fundamentally is the reason, many ecommerce entrepreneurs fail and I was just in line too until something happened.

I was arrested by SARS, yes, the now disbanded Special Anti Robbery Squad while making deliveries in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. 

What was my offence? 

I was simply in same vehicle with some alleged Internet Fraudsters, popularly known as "Yahoo boys"… and when they saw my chats in Chinese with my Chinese suppliers, I was quickly labeled a "yahoo boy". 

I was taken to the station and consequently, I couldn't continue deliveries for that day. 

But Becky, one of the customers who wanted the item kept on calling. She texted me on how badly she wanted the item delivered that day.  

As you’ll expect, I lied. Yes I didn’t want her thinking I was a fraudster, so I lied that something came up. 

How this story ended would you make call me a Scammer so I will skip it till later BUT...

This incident + every other troubles I highlighted made me come to a conclusion - if I must continue with this business, IT HAS TO BE WHOLESALE not RETAIL.  

Now you're probably wondering; 

Why Sell in BULK & not RETAIL?

& can everybody sell in BULK - who'll do retail?

Here's my Argument backed with Facts

Everyone who sell online should Sell in BULK.

That's the only way product selling can really make you money fast.

The only persons that retail works for are people who sell offline like my mum.



My Mum runs a small kiosk.

She doesn't bother about Pay on Delivery

She doesn't run ads 

She only sits and wait for people to come and buy and she looses nothing if they don't buy when they come...

But that's not the same for you selling online - the dynamics do not favour small retail sellers like you unless you're Jumia.

Even Jumia struggles with Retail - go check why their earliest investor Rocket internet left.

In any case, you can't argue this one...

With the retail system you do, can you sell 900 pcs of a N7,800 product like the one I sold the 4th week I started selling in BULK? 

You'll agree that, even if I have travel miles myself to deliver my goods, I won't mind provided its bulk sale. I mean 30pcs, 50pcs, 100pc, etc...

Or is it not the same troubles and money to sell 1pc that'll spend on selling more?

If statistics has shown that 3 out of 5 orders fails, this means if I do wholesale, the 2 successful ones will cover the losses from the other 3 not so?

You sef check am...

If I ask you now to choose between selling retail that is bit by bit and selling in bulk quickly.

I can definitely guess that you’ll want to sell in bulk fast most especially when you get paid upfront. 

I've done both of them.

The difference is like Night and Day.

Selling in BULK is sweet business… for a lot of reasons

  • Quick Turnover - that is getting profits in one big piece even if it means selling cheaper
  • Less Stressful even for more or bigger profits
  • Capital is not tied up for long as you're now selling more quantities at a time.
  • Add yours here...

But it's easier said than done, otherwise you still won’t be struggling with retail selling especially with the expensive ads that you run so; 

The BIG Question NOW is;

How & Where DO I Get BULK Buyers in this Country?   

And its not like its the only question in your head because there remains 

  • Pay on Delivery issues - if customers can't pay small money upfront, is it when its bulk sale? 
  • Won't I still suffer from slow sales and customers cancelling orders?
  • Won't I still struggle with Costly FB ADS?
  • Won't delivery still be a problem especially now that goods are bulky?


Every other thing you'll read from here will sound stupid so get ready. 

Introducing, The Magic Selling System;

SWOF - Smart Wholesale & Order Fulfilment System

With SWOF, You'll Sell in BULK, Get Paid Upfront & Deliver for FREE

This is the Last Practical Sales Course that'll take your business out of limbo. 

I am revealing my 3 year old crazy but 100% legal selling strategy to sell any product in bulk like mad, get paid upfront like jazz, peacefully and quickly deliver your goods anywhere FOR FREE. Yes, you read that rightly.

In this 4 Module + 4 Hours Training,

You'll Discover 7 Strange Secrets you Never Imagined Were Possible.


I will teach you a "Very Strange But Legal" Formula To Target People Who BUY BULK and resell offline with Zero AD Spend on Facebook - I bet you never knew about this


A Powerful way to Make People Flood your WhatsApp or Phone Begging to Buy your Goods in BULK. ( I can bet my life on this ) 


I will teach you the Single best Secret to Make BULK Buyers Pay you Upfront anywhere in Africa...this is NOT Pre-Order Groups  (This Strategy never fails and works 100% of the time even if they never knew about you before) 


The Almighty Delivery Model my students & I uses to Deliver Any Product FOR FREE whether Inter / Intra state. (You no longer need Self Delivery agents, riders, etc. This model is so bizarre but 100% legal. Even UBER & BOLT secretly uses this Model too.)


How to use the Almighty Delivery model deliver your products within 48hours Anywhere in Africa. (This is even faster than Jumia and Konga combined.)


How to Track Everything - Sales, Deliveries, etc using a 15 years old FREE App and run your business like a pro. (This makes running your biz like eating a candy) 


I ended the training with exact steps and resources on how I made N4.7M sales in 3 short weeks using the SWOF model. (This exposition here is Gold.)

CRAZY Right?

This course is easy to read and wastes no time in going straight for the jugular.

I don’t explain how to sell in bulk, get paid upfront, do free deliveries and then leave you high-and-dry when it comes to implementing. This is the entire, workable system that I have used over and over again.

No filler or fluff.

Just hard-hitting actionable strategies you can use RIGHT AWAY to dramatically start getting Bulk buyers.

In most cases, without spending a single cent more on advertising…

However, once you apply this system…

You’ll probably wanna spend as much money as humanly possible on advertising…

And I’ll explain why in course.

Just know this...

This isn’t some course filled nonsense outdated airy-fairy ‘theory’, no.

It includes the most concise, hardest-hitting, no-holds-barred, and street-tested tactics…

For immediately selling more goods in bulk in ways you never imagined.

This stuff has been working since 2019 and its still working till now.

You don't have to beleive me...

See Testimonies for Yourself

I fully understand that you are likely skeptical.

Cause the internet is littered with phony “gurus”.

Who sell you nothing more than empty promises.

These guys only make money when you buy their course - they don't actualize practice what they teach.

So I don’t expect you to blindly take my word…

This is why, I'm passing the Microphone instead to real people like you who've used SWOF.

Perhaps you're wondering;

"This Sounds Really Cool Although Unbelievable...But, will it Work for my Product"

The Closer I look at this "Selling System"

The more I realized it works for any product. 

It works for any niche. 

This confidence comes from testing this for nearly 3 years and seeing results from 1700+ students who've used the system. 

I've seen massive results in Health, Household, Kitchen, Fitness, farm, beauty and the list is endless.

This isn't some airy-fairy theory or esoteric concept.

It's a street-tested “selling system” that is working right now.

  • Whether you're a Network Marketer with products looking for a way to sell quickly to make profits and points -  SWOF will work for you. 
  • Are you a Mini Importer struggling to Sell? SWOF will help you in ways you never imagined. It will make your ecommerce biz way more profitable. 
  • You're a manufacturer looking for a super sales & distribution system where your bulk buyers pays upfront? You'll find out how SWOF will fix this in Module 1 of the course.  
  • You're tired of pay on delivery issues, expensive and slow delivery agents/riders, cancelled orders, etc? SWOF has fixed this in a way that'll leave you stunned.

Look! I've done 80% of the work.

Just plug in your product and start selling in BULK - you can even set things up within this week and start seeing results the following week. Its that easy. 

Now if for some reason, you implement SWOF and it doesn't work for you, I will refund you the cost of getting the system and apologize. 

That's fair right?

Sell in BULK like crazy

Okay...talking about Cost;

What does it cost to Get the Training & Set things Up?

Setting things is shockingly very easy and on the average takes up to a week after taking the course. 

And much of the tools needed are free or cheaper than the cost of create of Pepsi drink. 

And for the cost of the training, this where I am supposed to start preaching. 

I am supposed to start listing out all the different parts and putting a price on them just to make you feel like its a lot of value

But I won't do that.

You already know deep down what it'll mean for you to start selling in BULK fast, Getting Paid Upfront and even Delivering for FREE.

Everything there's in SWOF, I'm willing to put in your hands for;


Ridiculous Right? I know. 
You're not the first to think that way - even my wife wasn't happy I am giving all that for such low price.


It's supposed to be my trade secret and if I am giving it up, it should be worth it but every valuable thing do not have to very expensive. 

Or WAIT! You think its too expensive?

Imagine that you that has been struggling to get buyers -all of a sudden begin to get your goods sold out in BULK anywhere in the WORLD... without paying a dime for delivery? 

Imagine that you can quickly deliver to any part of this Country FOR FREE without yelling on the phone or engaging dispatch riders? This also means no more expensive deliveries. This also means no more using your money to pay for deliveries and telling customers "free delivery"

Just imagine, getting people flooding your phone or WhatsApp with calls begging to even pay upfront...this not pre-order by the way. This is a crazy3 years old tested system to make people pay upfront without, "I don't trust you".

This means getting capital to even buy goods before you sell without loans.   

Imagine being able to deliver anything anywhere to customers within 24hours whether inter state or not without back and forth with riders? This means peace of mind right?

Imagine that you never get to deal with customers who cancel orders anyhow, the ones that say they've travelled or put off their phones using my crazy yet 100% legal system? 

Think about how you can easily sell off 900pcs of any product anywhere peacefully within 6/7 days - no pay on delivery. 

What is the worth of your goods?

I mean the ones you've been struggling to clear off? Or the ones you intend to buy to sell? 

N100,000? N500,000, N3M or even more?

With the one-by-one retail selling that you do  now, how soon will it take you to get that money?

50days? 100 days? 300days? or even more? 

What if my strategy helps you sell them off in way shorter time with upfront payments, yes in this country despite the trust factor? 

Honestly speaking, will paying NGN11,300 not even seem like you robbed me? 

You know deep down that its a token compared to the value you'll get from selling in bulk very fast, getting paid upfront and even getting free deliveries. 

Believe it or not, paying for this course is the best investment you'll make in your business. Trust me.

You know what is more?

I am backing up this price today with my;

1 Week “try it, test it, apply it” money back guarantee

If you’re on the fence… Or if other trainings have left you skeptical…

Then I want to give you EVERY opportunity to put SWOF into action and experience how easy and exciting it can actually be to sell in BULK very fast, Get Paid Upfront & Deliver for FREE every single week.

That’s why I’m saying “Screw It” to the 30-day “industry standard” and instead giving you a full Week to go through the training, keep up with the lessons, implement the systems, and hit PLAY on your BULK Selling Machine

I’m SO confident that if you implement what you learn inside of the SWOF Course you’ll sales worries will be over. The only thing you have to do is suspend your disbelief and give it a chance. You have nothing to lose and hundreds — even thousands — of Bulk Buyers to gain.

You know what?

Don't Trust - DARE ME Instead. 

Okay, its N11,300 right? I'm ready to Enroll

I'll Explain How To Enroll in a Sec, BUT

Here's a Disclaimer [MUST READ]

  • The SWOF course is not centered on how to run Facebook, Instagram ads, etc. That alone does not solve the problem.  My course provides a brand new tested and really crazy way to get people to buy your goods in bulk, pay you upfront and of-course deliver fast and free.    
  • The course is best suited to persons who sell non-perishable items of any kind. I mean goods that cannot get bad within 2 weeks at most. And yes, that's how much time it could take to sell off at least 1,000pcs of several products (from experience) when you implement the system.
  • AND VERY IMPORTANTLY, Do not take advantage of my strategies to sell products that do not work. This not a bluff. In as much as how you handle your business do not affect mine or other students, I think I am getting pretty popular as the inventor of the SWOF system and wouldn't want to have my image tarnished.  

Now that we're clear, here's

How to Enroll - N11,300

You can either decide to Make Payment Via Direct Transfer or Via Debit/ Credit Cards using our secured Payment Partners. 

While Paying Via Card gives you access Immediately, the Bank Transfer option could take up 30mins as we'll have to manually enroll you. 

To Get Bank Details or Pay Via Card, you need to first provide your details especially an email address. 

To do this, kindly click on the button below and follow the steps from there. It won't take more than 3mins. 

You Have Questions?

Here are Questions Sellers Like You Asked Before they Enrolled

I'm not Computer Savvy, Can I do this?

Absolutely. If you can create a Facebook account, you can do this. On the average, my students implement in 1 week and begin to get their first bulk sale.

What if I don't have Goods in Stock?

Nice Question. This where SWOF even rock the most. Provided you have a product in mind to sell, you can easily get SWOF BULK Buyers to pay upfront which gives you time and capital to ship. Not the Pre-order style. 

Apart from course fee, DO I need to spend anymore?

As shocking as this may sound, much of what you need is either free or cheaper than a crate of Pepsi

Is this about creating pre-order groups?

Not at all. This is no pre order groups as some people do. In-fact, if it turns out that you already do what I teach, I'll refund your money

Will you sell my goods for me or what?

Not exactly. What I am giving you is even better than selling for you. I am teaching you a new superb strategy to sell your goods yourself in bulk quickly. That way, you don't need me anytime you need to sell.

Is it a platform, website or what?

No. Its a step by step video course where you'll learn how to setup the Smart Wholesale System for yourself and even make money doing it for others.  

Is there a group / support for students?

Absolutely. I'm not leaving you high and dry.

We have a Facebook group where you can meet other students and get to ask me questions during our Live Q/A sessions. 

I also run weekly Q/A Sessions where students gets to ask me anything.

You have further Questions?

WhatsApp  +234 811 435 7028.

Who's this Joel on Demand Guy Anyways?

And can you Trust me?

My Name is Joel Amawhe and this is where I am supposed speak very highly of myself.

I am supposed to start telling you about how I spent the past 11 years building million dollar business, won awards from both governments & private orgs, and how I represented Nigeria at GITEX DUBAI. 

I could also tell you I've been on Channels, Vanguard, Reuters, etc. and even spoken at TEDx but none of that matters and doesn't justify trusting me

After all, how many fake gurus and online marketing “experts” are all over the place, making all kinds of promises and claims?

I totally agree with your skepticism, here.

In the online marketing space, there are too many “experts” who don’t really know what they’re talking about. People who have only ever made any income by promising to teach other people how to make money…

But perhaps this will ease your mind;

I DON'T Make MONEY from teaching people how to sell. 

I run my own product selling business alongside my other interest in real estate (i.e invented myPadi 2016), agric, and growth hacking.

The Teaching model I operate is Test, Test & Test then Teach so I am only showing you what I do myself.

I invented SWOF not from books or courses and I'm happy to share it because its evergreen.


Don't Miss out on it.